A Suspect Dies When His Stolen Lamborghini Crashes While He Is Running From the LAPD

A Suspect Dies When His Stolen Lamborghini Crashes While He Is Running From the LAPD

A police film shows the moments before a suspect was killed when he crashed his stolen Lamborghini while going over 100 miles per hour.

The Los Angeles Police Department named the driver as Elliott Dugan, who is 51 years old.

On April 6, around 5 a.m., police saw Dugan sleeping behind the wheel of a Lamborghini Huracán for unknown reasons.

The light at Sherman Way and Reseda Boulevard was red, so he had to remain still.

Videos from both body cams and car cams show that police pulled Dugan over. Police come up to his car to talk to him and ask to see his ID. He tells them the Lamborghini is a hire car.

The police officer goes back to his patrol car to search the subject and his car. He finds out that Dugan is wanted for several felonies and that the Lamborghini was reported stolen.

Dugan refuses to get out of the car when the police tell him to, fighting with the officer and asking over and over again what he did wrong. When the police officer says the car is stolen, Dugan says it isn’t, then starts the engine quickly and speeds off.

Quickly, the police got back in their cars and chased after Dugan. During the chase, Dugan was seen going over 110 miles per hour on the streets.

At the start of the chase, he crashed into a center line and a few trees near where Vanalden Avenue and Sherman Way meet in Reseda.

When the police arrived, they saw a lot of car parts lying around on the roads. The crash was so bad that the Lamborghini was broken into two big pieces. Several medium-sized pieces that were still smoking were put out by police.

Dugan’s body was thrown several hundred feet away from the crash site. The police searched the area for a while before finding his body on the ground in front of an apartment building nearby.

At the scene, they said he was dead.

Large pieces of the impact hit parked cars on Sherman Way with a lot of force. Some of the cars had mild to major damage like roofs and windows being blown out.

The LAPD is still looking into what happened that killed the person. There was no more information given about the suspect or the stolen car.

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