Legal Battle Brews as Wyoming Fights to Retain $500,000 Confiscated in Deadly Drug Deal Fallout

Legal Battle Brews as Wyoming Fights to Retain $500,000 Confiscated in Deadly Drug Deal Fallout

The claim says that when the Casper Police Department’s K-9 unit looked into the safe, “the K-9 alerted to the presence of a controlled substance on the currency.”

Cash worth $2,815 was found in Vu’s car, which was used for the accused drug deal. The money was taken after the search order, the lawsuit says.

The lawsuit says Vu’s girlfriend told the cops that he had been “dealing marijuana for one or two years” and that they both didn’t have jobs.

Vu is charged with second-degree murder, having a controlled substance with the intent to deliver, and conspiring to deliver a controlled substance. The lawsuit says that Vu is the “only known potential claimant” for the money.

The lawsuit says that Vu’s property, the cash, was used for or meant to be used in his accused marijuana trafficking business and that he got or used it in a way that violated the Wyoming Controlled Substances Act.

The state wants a judge in Natrona County District Court to say that “said defendant property to be forfeited to the state of Wyoming, and any right, title or interest that Rajion Lee Vu or any other person or entity may claim in said property to be terminated.”

Wyoming Statute 35-7-1049, which deals with seizures and forfeitures linked to controlled substances, is given as the proper way to make the forfeiture happen.

Vu is in the Natrona County holding center while he waits to be arraigned in Natrona County District Court on charges of second-degree murder and drug possession.

If you don’t answer, “judgment by default” will be made, and the state will legally take the money.

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