Father in Tennessee Asks for Prayers After His Son Was Sucked Into a Storm Drain

Please pray for the family in Tennessee whose son was pulled into a storm drain because of the bad weather in the area.

Jim Sullivan, who is the director of schools in Murfreesboro’s Rutherford County, wrote on Facebook on May 9 that his son, Asher, was playing in the water with other kids after the storm was over. As the kids played, people in the neighbourhood helped clean up the area. On the other hand, Sullivan says in his Facebook post that his son was pulled into the storm drain.

“He eventually came out in a drainage ditch and CPR was given for quite some time,” the Facebook post says. “The damage is substantial,” even though his heartbeat returned.

As his kid gets care at Vanderbilt University Medical Centre, Sullivan keeps adding new information to the page. Dr.s told his family that “Asher wouldn’t survive his injuries,” but the boy’s father recently said that he has shown some signs of movement, like reacting to pain in one arm.

“Please keep up the prayers for our little buddy!” he told us.

On May 9, the school district where Sullivan works held a vigil for the community to join. In a Facebook post, the district said, “What the family really needs right now is tonnes of prayers.” Once the gathering was over, the district said that more than 500 people came to pray for the family.

Nashville is about 34 miles to the southeast of Murfreesboro. Tennessee is just one place that has been hit by bad weather lately. According to NBC News, one person was reported dead in Columbia, Tennessee, after what was thought to be a tornado hit. In Knoxville, a 22-year-old man died when a car crashed into his.

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