Florida Man Bemoans Tarnished Image Following Gun Incident with Uber Driver

Florida Man Bemoans Tarnished Image Following Gun Incident with Uber Driver

This week, a guy in Milton, Florida, pulled a gun on an Uber driver who was dropping off his daughter. The driver was then arrested. It was reported by WEAR News that Sean Hollenbeck pushed the driver out of the car and onto the ground. He has since been charged with false imprisonment and aggravated attack with a weapon. Hollenbeck pulled the driver out of the car and made him lie down on the road. He then asked the driver to show him his driver’s license so he could take a picture of it, as well as his license plate, Uber account, and the address where he picked up Hollonbeck’s daughter.

The 13-year-old snuck out of the house on Saturday night and took an Uber to Pensacola, which is about 30 minutes away. He allegedly called both the Santa Rosa County and Escambia County sheriff’s offices when he found out she had snuck out, but neither one could help him much. So, when she got home, he did the only sensible thing that could have been done: he pulled a gun on the Uber driver.

We don’t know for sure what kind of gun Hollonbeck used. Fox 35 Orlando says it was an AR-15, even though WEAR News said it was a.22 gun. Having either one of them directed at you could kill you, and any gun will make your day bad.

Although you might have thought Hollonbeck would have changed his ways after being arrested and fired, you couldn’t have been more wrong. He is stepping up his defense and saying that he did everything right.

“That car had no markings on it at all.” “I thought this was bad,” he told WEAR News. “And everyone in this country knows what’s going on with rape, child trafficking, and fentanyl.” Terrible stuff.”

He also really wants people to know that he is a soldier. He says, “I served 31 years. I was a doctor in the Army, trained as a flight surgeon in the Navy, and served with the 7th Special Forces Group and the 160th.” I did six tours of duty. As you might expect, that makes things worse because he’s not some jerk who has never been taught gun safety rules or when to pull a gun on someone.

The vast majority of this story has not been told to the public at all. “And most of this has to do with parental rights,” he said, later adding, “In this country, you’re innocent until proven guilty.” When the case goes to court, I’m excited because I want 12 moms and dads to be on the jury and decide if what I did was right, since I called the police and didn’t get them.

A part of us thinks the judges will not agree with us, but this is Florida, so you never know. They might decide that pulling a gun on your daughter’s Uber driver isn’t really against the law. In the past, worse things have happened.

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