Kidnapper and Carjacking Convict Sentenced to Jail for almost 2 Decades in Ohio

Kidnapper and Carjacking Convict Sentenced to Jail for almost 2 Decades in Ohio

A man from Cuyahoga Falls got up to 19½ years in jail for stealing a car and kidnapping someone in Green.

Mark Carlson, 45, hit Summit County Sheriff Deputy John Lombardi’s police van at 130 mph on August 3 with a stolen car. Lombardi still has headaches every day. The crash hurt Lombardi and gave him cuts and bruises.

But, Lombardi said Thursday morning at Carlson’s sentencing, that pain is nothing compared to the fear that three children felt when Carlson stole their mother’s car earlier that day while they were still inside.

It was Lombardi who told Carlson, “You picked victims who could not defend themselves.” “There are three children who you have forever burned the image of your face in their minds.”

Carlson got between 15 and 19½ years in jail for a ransomware spree in which he stole cars, fought a driver, and took three kids hostage.

In April, Carlson pleaded guilty to four counts of robbery, three counts of kidnapping, one count of felonious assault, and one count of not following the orders of a police officer.

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Two counts of attempted grand theft of a motor vehicle, two counts of grand theft of a motor vehicle, and one count each of endangering children and damage were dropped as part of the deal with the prosecutors.

Carjackers took Carlson from Akron to Green and back again during their rampage. After he stole his first car and tried to steal another, he got into a fight with a female driver in Green and then drove off with her three kids. The kids were 2, 5, and 6 years old at the time of the accident.

As he drove away, he hit a Taco Bell with the car. This is when he let the two oldest kids outside before taking I-77 south to get away. After dropping off the third child at a Circle K on Massillon Road,.

Carlson hit Lombardi’s car and tried to hit another police car near the end of the chase, Lombardi said Thursday. After the crash, Carlson ran away on foot. He ran into some trees, where Akron police helped officers catch him.

Carlson’s lawyer, Troy Reeves, said that his client was high during the spree and called the events a “nightmare.”

Prior to Carlson’s sentencing, his 83-year-old father asked if he could visit him in jail. He couldn’t see his son while he was in jail before.

Michael said she wouldn’t put limits on visits, but she said she couldn’t tell jails how to run. Two officers led Carlson out of the courtroom after he got his sentence. He smiled at his dad.

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