Gov. Mcmaster Picks The Next Clerk Of Court For Colleton County

Gov. Mcmaster Picks The Next Clerk Of Court For Colleton County

In a statement released on Tuesday, South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster revealed the individual who will succeed him as the Clerk of Court for Colleton County.

The position of the next clerk of court in Colleton County will be filled by Patricia C. Grant, who resides in Walterboro. She will hold this position until the next annual general election.

According to the governor’s office, Grant retired from his position as the Colleton County Clerk of Court in 2020 after serving in that capacity for twenty years.

Last week, Rebecca Hill, who had previously served as the Clerk of Court, made the announcement that she would be departing from her job.

After Hill resigned, McMaster appointed Colleton County Probate Judge Cecil Utsey IV to assume care of the position until a permanent clerk was either appointed or elected. Hill’s resignation was followed by hill’s appointment.

It was alleged that Hill had attempted to influence the jury during the murder trial of former attorney Alex Murdaugh, which took place in 2023. Murdaugh was found guilty of the shooting murders of his wife and son, which occurred in June 2021. She is also the target of an investigation that is being conducted by the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division. The investigation is looking into whether or not Hill utilized her position for her own personal gain.

Investigation into that matter is currently ongoing by SLED.

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