Fetterman Doesn’t Care That the Gop Backs Him Up as He Attacks Anti-Israel Students and Their “Pup Tent for Hamas” Protests

Fetterman Doesn't Care That the Gop Backs Him Up as He Attacks Anti-Israel Students and Their Pup Tent for Hamas Protests

On Sunday, Democratic Sen. John Fetterman said he doesn’t mind the praise he’s gotten from Republicans. He also said that he didn’t mind the “pup-tent for Hamas” protests of anti-Israel college students in the US.

Before he got to the Senate, the pro-Israel politician from Pennsylvania was known for being very far to the left. He has won praise from the right for his strong support of the Jewish state and his occasional pushback against progressives, which has helped him get Republican donors.

The Keystone State Democrat told NewsNation’s “The Hill Sunday” that when it comes to issues he supports, “I don’t have, like, a litmus test.”

“We don’t have to agree on everything,” he said of himself and the other Democrats.

GovernmentTrack says Fetterman has voted about the same as the other Democrats in the Senate. He backed the socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) for president in the past.

But leftists don’t like how openly he supports Israel.

On Sunday, hundreds of college students, including many from the famous Columbia University in New York City, held sit-ins against Israel. Fetterman did not budge.

“I will say this: it’s very clear that all of these protests have a hint of antisemitism in them.” Then it pops up every once in a while,” Fetterman said.

He said, “Of course, protesting is a great American value, but I don’t think living in a pup tent for Hamas is really helpful.” Hamas is the name of the Palestinian terror group that is at war with Israel.

According to Fetterman, Columbia President Minouche Shafik needs to do her “job or resign” in order to stop what he called the school’s “antisemitic, unconscionable, and dangerous” student protests last week.

On Sunday, Fetterman said that he had given up the progressive label a long time ago.

That’s something Fetterman has said for years: “I really don’t see myself as progressive.” “I’ve said this before; I haven’t changed; that word has.”

It was clear that he was a Democrat. “I’m just a Democrat,” he said.

The politician was proud that the Senate was able to pass a $95 billion aid plan for Israel, Ukraine, and Taiwan despite the fact that it was a bipartisan bill.

“It’s clear that everyone in Washington needs to work together to do the right thing.” He also said, “I was proud to vote for that huge bill a little less than a week ago.”

“That was a strong statement from the House and me — we first stood with democracy and our allies,” he said. “I don’t know why anyone would vote against that.” I can still have a beer with them, though.”

The roughly $26 billion plan for military aid to Israel and humanitarian aid to the Palestinians living in Gaza caused a lot of disagreement among Democrats.

But on Sunday, Fetterman said that some things are very clear.

I can’t end that war, neither can Joe Biden nor Netanyahu, who is the prime minister of Israel. He said, “But Hamas could end it right now.”

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