Cohen Says Melania is Likely Happy That Donald Trump May Not Be Able to Attend Barron’s Graduation

Cohen Says Melania is Likely Happy That Donald Trump May Not Be Able to Attend Barron's Graduation

Former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen says that Melania Trump is likely to be “extremely excited” that her husband, Donald Trump, may not be able to attend their son Barron’s graduation.

On Monday, during the first day of his criminal trial in New York, the former president asked to be able to skip the next day, May 17, so that he could go to Barron’s high school graduation. Supporters of Trump’s “MAGA” movement are furious that New York State Supreme Court Justice Juan Merchan did not quickly agree to the request.

The former president is the likely Republican candidate for president this year, and this trial is the first of four criminal cases that will be brought against him. He is not guilty of 34 criminal counts of changing business records to hide payments of hush money to Stormy Daniels, whose real name is Stephanie Clifford and works as an adult film star.

Trump wrote in a Truth Social post on Monday that Merchan was “preventing me from proudly attending my son’s Graduation,” even though there had been no decision made about the May 17 absence. He asked “who will explain” to his 18-year-old son “that his Dad will likely not be allowed to attend his Graduation Ceremony.”

Cohen, who was jailed for giving Clifford $130,000 on what he says were Trump’s orders, said on the Political Beatdown podcast of Ben Meiselas, co-founder of the liberal anti-Trump group MeidasTouch, on Tuesday that he didn’t think Trump went to any of his other children’s graduations.

The former Trump lawyer said, “I didn’t know that [Trump] went to any of the kids’ graduations.” He then said that Trump didn’t seem to care much about Barron’s schoolwork in the past. He said that instead, he and Melania Trump had made choices like putting Barron in private schools in New York City and Washington, D.C.

“I find it not just comical … I find it insulting that [missing Barron’s graduation is] the big issue,” he said. “I missed my 25th anniversary and my wife’s 50th birthday because I was in Otisville [federal prison], in part because of things that I had done at the direction of and for the benefit of Donald Trump.”

Cohen, who worked closely with Trump and was his “fixer” from 2006 to 2018, then said that Melania would be thrilled if her husband missed their son’s graduation. Some people think that Melania’s relationship with the former president may be getting tense because she hasn’t been on the Trump 2024 campaign road much lately.

“I’m sure Melania is extremely excited he’s not gonna to be there,” he said. “Rest assured, I’m not losing any sleep, nor am I going to shed a tear that Trump can’t go to Barron’s graduation.”

As the 2024 election cycle goes on, more and more people are wondering about the friendship between the former president and Melania Trump. There have been times when the former couple has been seen together in public, and some people say that Melania looked less than excited or even annoyed.

Supporters of Trump have supported the former president’s marriage and family life. This week, some conservatives said that he should ignore Merchan and “call his bluff” if he says that the graduation should not be canceled. On Monday, Merchan told Trump that he could be arrested if he missed any court dates without permission.

There were rumors on social media this week that Trump has been “deserted” because none of his close family members were in court with him during the first few days of his criminal trial in Manhattan. This made some people wonder what was going on.

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