Dave Reichert Doesn’t Think That People Are to Blame for Climate Change, According to Bob Ferguson

Dave Reichert Doesn't Think That People Are to Blame for Climate Change, According to Bob Ferguson

Washington, Olympia – On Thursday, Democratic candidate for governor and Attorney General Bob Ferguson took another shot at Republican contender and former United States Congressman Dave Reichert. Reichert is also running for governor.

An audio that allegedly features words from Reichert disputing the influence that climate change has on humans was posted by Ferguson in a post that he made on social media. After that, the attorney general proceeded to make a connection between Reichert and Donald Trump, who had previously served as President of the USA.

The radical beliefs and positions that Dave Reichert has been revealed behind closed doors in front of audiences that are in favor of Donald Trump. “Just like Donald Trump, Congressman Dave Reichert is not convinced by the scientific evidence that climate change is caused by human activity,” Ferguson added.

Thursday was the day when Reichert sent a statement to NonStop Local in which he replied to the criticism.

Obviously, climate change is a real phenomenon. In the future, one of the most significant difficulties that future generations will confront is figuring out how to deal with climate change. We are all in agreement that we ought to make it our goal to cut down on carbon emissions. As a result of the irreplaceable nature of our own natural resources and environment, the Reichert campaign argued that our state ought to take the initiative in the nation regarding this matter.

In addition to this, the campaign referred to a list of environmentalist legislative initiatives that Reichert has supported during his time in the federal congress.

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