A Woman Who is Accused of Killing Her Boyfriend in a Suitcase Says That Her Eighth Lawyer Has a “Snotty Attitude”

A Woman Who is Accused of Killing Her Boyfriend in a Suitcase Says That Her Eighth Lawyer Has a Snotty Attitude

In search of the ideal defense lawyer, Sarah Boone is like Goldilocks.

Patricia Cashman, her eighth lawyer, was “too snotty,” the suspected killer said. Cashman is accused of putting Boone’s boyfriend in a suitcase during what Boone said was a game of hide-and-seek.

Court TV said that Boone called one of her lawyers a “dud” and a “buffoon.” She wrote to the court that her seventh lawyer was away and couldn’t talk to counsel.

Court records show that one lawyer told Boone she should “represent herself as no attorney can satisfy her,” and another said their relationship had become “adversarial.” Fox 35 Orlando reported on these claims.

Court TV says that her last lawyer, Cashman, said they couldn’t work together because they had “irreconcilable differences,” which included “ethical considerations.”

Before the June 7 court date, Boone sent Cashman a more than 50-page lawsuit. Cashman went to the court date as Boone’s lawyer.

But Cashman talked about how hard it was to work with Boone since February when she took on the case.

To quote Court TV, Cashman said in court, “I’ve spent over 20 hours going through her questions and going through her lists.” “When I tried to tell her about the recent depositions I took, she chose to leave the jail conference.”

“When I tried to review some things with regard to discovery as to things I wanted to make sure she was aware of, she walked out.”

“Just let her (Cashman) know, please, to please be nice to me and have a welcoming attitude,” Boone asked the judge, according to Court TV.

It’s not clear who will defend Boone now that Cashman is no longer working on the case. She was charged with second-degree murder in February 2020 for the death of her boyfriend, Jorge Torres.

The claimed murder took place in their home in Orange County, Florida.

Police say she told them that when she passed out in her bed, they drank wine and played hide-and-seek.

Video that was supposedly taken on Boone’s phone, on the other hand, seems to show a different story.

It is said that Boone can be heard laughing while Torres screams from inside the bag and her boyfriend tries to get out.

“Thank you so much for everything you’ve done for me! Fox 35 Orlando reports that Boone is heard yelling “Stupid” in the video. “You’re to blame.” She is said to have added, “Oh, that’s how I feel when you cheat on me.”

The police said they saw Torres trying to get out of the bag on Boone’s phone.

Because Boone acts strangely and doesn’t like her defenders, her murder trial has been put off for years.

The trial is set to happen on Oct. 7, but it’s not clear if that date will change or who will defend Boone going forward.

Source: FOX News

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