Oklahoma Dad Accused of ‘Hunting’ Family, Leaves Lone Survivor ‘Surrounded by Love’, According to Relatives

Oklahoma Dad Accused of 'Hunting' Family, Leaves Lone Survivor 'Surrounded by Love', According to Relatives

A recent “massacre” in a neighborhood home outside of Oklahoma City “doesn’t define our family” or their lives, the family of the victims told Fox News Digital.

Last week, Jonathon Candy’s fight with his wife Lindsay turned into a “unspeakable tragedy” when he killed her by shooting her “multiple times” and then “systematically went through the home shooting the children,” according to Sgt. Gary Knight of Oklahoma City Police.

Police say that Jonathan killed three of his four kids before he killed himself. The other two sons are Dylan, 18, and Lucas, 12.

Someone saved a 10-year-old son, but no one knows why. Officers found him outside the house after he called 911 and reported the “carnage” inside the house.

Their family is very close, and they spent the weekend together. They all loved the 10-year-old boy and talked about Lindsay, Dylan, Ethan, and Lucas’s memories.

She told Fox News Digital, “My nephew is a sweetheart, and he’s going to need a lot of help to get through this.” “Everyone liked the kids. Everyone has sent me a lot of texts. It warms my heart to see how much people love them.

When the local school district heard about the deaths of current students Ethan (6th grade), Lucas (freshman year of high school), and Dylan, who went to the local schools and finished last year, they sent condolences to the family.

“This tragedy is beyond comprehension,” said Charles Bradley, the superintendent of schools.

Brent said that many of the teachers who taught all four kids over the years.

OKC Police Sgt. Gary Knight told the press last week that the killer “hunted” down his own children and “systematically went through the home shooting the children.” “Don’t get it wrong. What took place in that house was nothing less than a massacre.”

Knight said that first rescuers and police officers who went to the house were scared.

The police sergeant said that the killings’ cause “remains a mystery” and that the reason why one child was left living “will never have an answer.”

At the same time, the Mustang School District, where all four of the children went to school or finished, put together a crisis response team and told parents to keep an eye on their kids’ behavior, even if they didn’t know the victims personally.

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