Woman Accusing Ex-Dodgers Pitcher Bauer of Assault Charged with Defrauding Him

Woman Accusing Ex-Dodgers Pitcher Bauer of Assault Charged with Defrauding Him

A woman who sued Trevor Bauer, a former pitcher for the Los Angeles Dodgers, saying he sexually assaulted and battered her is now being charged with theft. Bauer and another person are said to have been victims of “fraudulent schemes and artifices” by Darcy Adanna Esemonu.

The indictment, which was handed down last month in Maricopa County, Arizona, says that Esemonu got something from Bauer and someone else “by means of fraudulent pretenses, representation, promises, or material omissions.” It also says that she stole from the second person by threatening to do so.

The accusation doesn’t say if Bauer knows the other person who is accused of being a victim.

Bauer told Scottsdale police that Esemonu told her she was pregnant and wanted $1.6 million to have an abortion. This was written in a police report released Tuesday.

According to Bauer’s lawyer Anne Chapman, Bauer did pay Esemonu around $10,000 for “medical expenses, prenatal vitamins, and car services related to the pregnancy.” According to the police report, Chapman says Esemonu wasn’t really pregnant when she was asked for money.

Doug Zanes, Esemonu’s lawyer, did not answer any of the multiple calls for comment on the claims.

Bauer hasn’t played professional baseball in the US since June 2021, when a different woman said he sexually attacked her. He is 33 years old and won the Cy Young Award. Bauer has never been charged with a crime, but MLB banned him in 2022 because the league said he broke their rules about domestic violence, sexual assault, and child abuse. When the league brought him back in December 2022, the Dodgers let him go in January 2023.

Bauer was sued by Esemonu in a legal case in June 2023. She said the baseball player had hit her several times and had sexually assaulted her in December 2020. Her complaint says that he told her in March 2021 that he “would not continue in a relationship with her if she decided to keep the baby.” She then got pregnant. Esemonu said that she later lost the baby.

Bauer sued Esemonu back in 2017 and said she was guilty of fraud and blackmail. Both suits are still being heard.

Bauer’s lawyers sent CNN a link to a video comment he made about the indictment against Esemonu when asked what they thought about it.

That letter says Bauer denied ever having sex with Esemonu, calling her by her middle name, without her permission. It also says the claims against him are “lies” and “an attempt to take my money.”

Bauer said, “I will not think twice about being able to defend myself further if the time comes.” “For now, there’s no need to talk about this subject any further, though, because besides Adanna, who has been charged with felony fraud, there are no claims against me, no investigations going on, and no lawsuits still open.”

Bauer was first charged with sexual abuse in 2021 by Lindsey Hill, a woman from San Diego. The prosecutors decided not to press charges, and Bauer sued Hill for defamation in 2022, saying that the two of them had “consensual rough sex.” The case for defamation and Hill’s counterclaim were settled without going to court. Hill’s lawyer told the Washington Post that no money was traded in the settlement.

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