When Spencer Wright’s 3-year-old Son Rode a Toy Tractor Into the Utah River, He Was Seriously Hurt

When Spencer Wright's 3-year-old Son Rode a Toy Tractor Into the Utah River, He Was Seriously Hurt

Kallie Wright said of her son Levi after the terrible accident, “We have received many small miracles along the way.”

Spencer Wright’s 3-year-old son hurt himself badly when he drove his toy tractor into a river in Utah. He is not stable anymore.

The Beaver County Sheriff’s Office emergency center got a call about the event on Tuesday, May 21, around 6 p.m. local time, according to a post on Facebook.

The child was quickly found by the police when they arrived, and “life-saving measures were administered on scene,” the release said. The child was then flown to Primary Children’s Hospital in Salt Lake City after being taken to Beaver Valley Hospital.

ABC4 has given the child the name Levi Wright. Spencer Wright and his wife Kallie have a son.

Mindy Sue Clark, a spokeswoman and family friend, has been writing on Facebook about the tragedy.

“Permission to share an update from Kallie Wright and Spencer Wright on Levi,” an email said. “Levi’s heart is beating on its own, he has a will to breathe but his sweet little brain was without oxygen too long and there is no coming back from that.”

“We held him close all night and are sure that his spirit is no longer with us.” He doesn’t deserve for this to go on for days because we’re being selfish. We’ll hold him close until he dies and stop taking care of him soon. The post said, “My baby, my beans, Mom and Dad will always love you!”

“Please give them some time to get through this.” They’ll have more to say soon. At the end of Clark’s message, it said, “Please pray for healing and comfort.”

On May 22, Kallie Wright made a change to Clark’s page. It stated, “Not much change in Levi since our last update but I do want you to know that we have received multiple small miracles along the way and doctors are certainly surprised by the strides he has made.”

“It’s hard to watch them keep him really cold because he has a fever. He’s telling his mom, “Mommy, I’m pretty cold.” The post said that they are giving him an EEG to see what’s going on in his brain, but we don’t know much about what they find yet.

“He is also on antibiotics, and an MRI will be done on Friday or Saturday!” We are so thankful for all the love and well wishes that have come our way. It’s crazy how much help is coming our way. We miss our other kids, but they are in good hands. Mom has been with her babies all day and night until now. This is what Kallie said about her two other children with Spencer.

“Primaries has great staff and doctors! It’s hard to say goodbye to my baby, but please don’t forget about us or his story. Please keep it alive.”Pray for him every day,” the message from Kallie said.

On Instagram, a group called Bronc Riding Nation posted pictures of the 3-year-old to wish the family the best. “We’re asking you to join the massive prayer effort for 3 year old Levi Wright, Kallie and Spencer Wright and everybody who knows and loves them,” it stated.

Somebody tried to get in touch with Mindy Sue Clark and the Beaver County Sheriff’s Office, but they didn’t answer right away.

In 2023, Spencer Wright was ranked 35th in the world by ProRodeo. His title was World Champion in 2014. On his own social media pages, he hasn’t talked about the accident yet.Spencer Wright’s 3-year-old son was hurt very badly when he rode a toy tractor into the Utah River.

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