Ulster County Fairgrounds Breaks Ground on New Pavilion, Unveils Future Plans!

Ulster County Fairgrounds Breaks Ground on New Pavilion, Unveils Future Plans!

Residents of Ulster County have reason to anticipate a new addition to the beloved Ulster County Fairgrounds. Situated in New Paltz, this historic locale has long been a hub for cherished community events and gatherings.

Spanning generations, the Ulster County Fair has held a special place in the hearts of locals and visitors alike. From thrilling rides to delectable treats, the fair embodies the essence of summertime nostalgia. Now, amidst anticipation, whispers of a new pavilion have begun to circulate.

Reflecting on past adaptations, the fairgrounds have proven their versatility, notably serving as a COVID-19 vaccination site during the pandemic’s peak. As restrictions ease and events resume, the fairgrounds are primed to welcome an array of festivities, including the Woodstock – New Paltz Arts and Craft Fair Spring Show and the renowned Rosendale International Pickle Festival.

Excitement peaked this week with news of the groundbreaking for the forthcoming pavilion, courtesy of Saft Electric. While details regarding its purpose remain undisclosed, speculation abounds. Enthusiasts eagerly await further announcements, with hopes that the pavilion will enhance future fair experiences.

As anticipation builds for upcoming events, the Ulster County Fairgrounds stand poised to continue their tradition of community engagement and celebration. Stay tuned for updates as the vision for the new pavilion unfolds.

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