Tulsa Police Officer Takes Fatal Aim: Victim’s Identity Revealed After Deadly Encounter!

Victim's Identity Revealed After Deadly Encounter

Police have identified the guy who was shot by a Tulsa police officer and later murdered.

Jesus Huerta-Sanchez, 28, was shot by police after they claimed he brandished a revolver at two of their officers who were attending to a domestic dispute in which he had a hand.

Although Huerta-Sanchez claimed to have passed away soon after, he was still alive when he was brought to the hospital.

The incident occurred in a field at BC Franklin Park, which was searched by crime scene investigators.

“A semi-automatic pistol was found at the scene,” Tulsa Police Captain Meulenberg stated.

According to Tulsa police, it all began when Huerta-Sanchez showed up at a house a half mile away, got into a heated dispute with someone, fired two bullets into the air, then fled.

Meulenberg stated, “We were searching everywhere for him as he was rushing through the businesses and neighborhoods while brandishing a gun.”

Huerta-Sanchez was discovered in the park, where they claimed he had brandished a pistol at two policemen, one of whom had shot him.

Many neighbors wanted to see all the police action on video, but none were willing.

There will be both an internal and a criminal investigation, so crime scene investigators will gather the evidence.

“We don’t work with it,” Meulenberg stated. “We let our crime scene workers too. We ascend there and ensure that everything is safe. We remove the suspect and ensure our safety.”

The concerned officer is on leave while the inquiry is ongoing, following policy.

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