TSA Finds Snakes Concealed in Passenger’s Pants at Miami International Airport

TSA Finds Snakes Concealed in Passenger's Pants at Miami International Airport

Miami, FL: The Transportation Security Administration in South Florida got a surprise when they heard that snakes were found in a passenger’s pants at an airport stop.

The TSA says that the animal was found at Miami International Airport on Friday. The agency didn’t say who the passenger was or if they had been caught.

The TSA released photos from the airport that show two thin pink snakes outside of a small camouflage bag. The snakes were reportedly pulled out of a passenger’s pants before they could get on the plane.

Following the finding, TSA said it requested help from Customs and Border Protection Southeast Region and Miami-Dade Police.

At first, no one knew if the snakes were pets of the guests or if the person was just trying to get them out of the city.

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission got the snakes, according to TSA.

People online had opinions when TSA posted the report on X over the weekend.

Another person wrote, “OMG, why would anyone have that?!”

“Is that a snake in your pants?” asked someone else.

“Perhaps he wanted to make a new version of the movie ‘Snakes on a Plane,'” said another X fan.

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