The Alabama Attorney General Files Cases Over Rules That Require Electric Vehicles

The Alabama Attorney General Files Cases Over Rules That Require Electric Vehicles

MOBILE, Alabama—
Of the twenty-four states that have joined the fight against electric car requirements for truck owners and operators across the country, Alabama is one of them.

Steve Marshall, the attorney general of Alabama, has sued the Biden administration and the state of California over these rules. Marshall talked about the case on The National Desk this week.

Marshall told Jan Jeffcoat of The National Desk that the Biden administration and the state of California have taken things too far by trying to force the country to switch to electric cars.

“two separate cases in which AGs are attacking the effort of both the Biden administration and the state of California to force the conversion from fossil fuel powered trucks to EVs and not only right now the technology does not exist for us to be able to do it, but clearly significant costs would be passed onto American consumers if this is allowed to proceed.”

Marshall thinks that the lawsuit against the Biden administration goes way beyond what Congress has allowed. He believes that the real goal is to force trucking companies and makers to switch to electric trucks.

“This will just make sure that anyone driving a heavy truck through the state of California follows their rules.” It seems like the state has gone too far in that area, and he was sure that they would be able to get a court to overturn it.

In his speech, Marshall says that these rules could have an effect on people all over the country, including those in Alabama.

Marshall said, “Not only should the cost of doing business in Alabama go up to comply, but the ports of California are important for bringing goods into our country, and we have to drive to California to bring goods back to Alabama.” “This will not only cost the companies that are directly involved, but it will also cost consumers in the long run.” Folks in Alabama and the rest of the United States will be affected by this.

Tommy Tuberville, a senator from Alabama, spoke out about the rules for electric cars.

He doesn’t have a problem with electric cars, but he thinks the government shouldn’t make people buy them.

“They are a lot more expensive than cars that run on gas.” We just don’t have the infrastructure in rural areas of the country. This is another example of how out of touch with Americans Joe Biden’s “woke climate agenda” is. “Americans don’t want policies like those in California,” Tuberville said.

Tuberville also thinks that this is too much for the Biden government to do.

He told Biden, “By the way, you can’t run a country without gas and oil, so he’s going to strike out here.” “This is a bad plan, and the people of the United States will reject it.”

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