Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene Denounces Supporters of Aid to Ukraine as ‘Most Repulsive, Disgusting’ Phenomenon

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene Denounces Supporters of Aid to Ukraine as 'Most Repulsive, Disgusting' Phenomenon

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) got angry on Friday when people asked Congress to give Ukraine more military aid, saying that doing so would be the same as “paying for the slaughter and the murder” of Ukrainian troops.

The Georgia Republican told former White House adviser Steve Bannon on his “War Room” show, “This whole thing is the most disgusting and horrible thing that’s happening, and the American people are paying for it.”

She also said, “I hate everyone here who is doing this.” “I hate them so much for doing this.”

Greene said that the idea of giving Ukraine President Biden’s request for $60 billion in emergency funds made her “stomach flip.” She also said that she thought House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-La.), whom she has threatened to fire, would eventually find a way to pass the bill.

Greene said, “Everyone should be telling the Republican-elected speaker of the House to stop listening to the crap and lies he’s being told and do the right thing.” He was saying that the $60 billion would be better spent on protecting the US border.

The congresswoman said that “amputees” and “injured soldiers” are being sent to the front lines of Ukraine’s war with Russia because US politicians are forcing President Volodymyr Zelensky to keep in the fight.

America is breathing down their throats and telling them, ‘You must keep fighting, or we’ll pay for it and make you do it,’” Greene told Bannon.

The fiery Republican also played down worries that Russian President Vladimir Putin wants to invade other European countries and asked why the Biden administration is so eager to help a non-NATO country with its military.

Greene said, “That is the only country that they care about for some strange, sick, and evil reason.”

“They don’t care about you at home.”

The Senate has passed a $95 billion national security package that includes money for Ukraine, Israel, and the Indo-Pacific region. However, the House has not been able to pass this package for almost two months.

Greene told Johnson that if the vote on Ukraine aid goes through, she might file a motion to vacate. This is the same process that Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) used to get rid of former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) last October.

The last package of US help to Ukraine was sent in March. It contained $300 million worth of military equipment that the US already had on hand.

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