Records From Sergio Pino’s Split Show That His Wife Said He Poisoned Her

Records From Sergio Pino's Split Show That His Wife Said He Poisoned Her

FBI agents raided the homes of a big Miami-Dade builder this week, and the builder’s wife said in a sworn statement that her husband poisoned her. This was after she filed for divorce in 2022.

Tatiana Pino, who married businessman Sergio Pino in 1992, said she had been to the hospital several times and that fentanyl was found in her body. The information came up during a review of the couple’s divorce proceedings in Miami-Dade Circuit Court. This came just hours after the Miami Herald reported that the FBI searched Sergio Pino’s Cocoplum estate and Coral Gables office on Monday night as part of an investigation into death threats against Tatiana Pino.

Court records show that Pino and his wife have been fighting over a divorce case for two years. The case is set to go to trial in July.

She asked for a divorce in April 2022. In September of that year, she gave a statement as part of the divorce process.

“Do you think your husband used poison on you?” Tatiana was asked by Sergio Pino’s lawyer.

Tatiana said, “I think he did something.” She then said that she had been sick for three years and had been “in and out of hospitals.”

She said that her symptoms, which included breathing problems, kept getting worse and that doctors were having a hard time figuring out what was wrong with her. In 2022, she was taken to Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore and told that she had to be intubated six times. Tatiana said that doctors at that hospital found fentanyl in her body.

Tatiana said that before she was let go, her doctor told her to stay at her sister’s house while she healed instead of going back to her “normal surroundings.”

Tiana said, “They were afraid for me because I would have died if this happened again.”

After that, she said, her symptoms started to get better. Since she moved out, she said, “I haven’t had one symptom.”

As Sergio Pino’s lawyer questioned the evidence for the poisoning claim, he asked Tatiana what reason her husband would have for doing it.

Tatiana said, “Well, I just don’t think that my housekeepers would have a reason.” “Maybe he would be after money.” A financial reason.”

Tatiana was asked for more information by Sergio Pino’s lawyer. She replied that the claimed poisoning was being looked into by the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). Tatiana’s lawyer then told her not to talk about the investigation.

“When you say he poisoned you, you don’t really mean that, do you?” Sergio Pino’s lawyer asked. “You don’t know that he set you on fire?” Do you think it might be true based on what you’ve already told me?

Raymond Rafool, Tatiana’s lawyer, stepped in and told his client not to talk about an ongoing probe. Based on what Rafool told the Miami Herald on Friday, he thinks that the FBI and the U.S. Attorney’s Office have taken over the case from the DEA.

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