Proposed Bill Paves Way For Teachers To Offer On-site Tutoring For Added

Proposed Bill Paves Way For Teachers To Offer On-site Tutoring For Added

LAKE CHARLES, La. – Tutoring after school on school grounds for money is not allowed right now, but you might not know that. That would change, though, if a bill made it through the lawmakers.

So far, it has a lot of backing from both parties.

Kelli Bottger, Executive Director of Louisiana Kids Matter, said at the meeting, “We need tutors badly. I think it’s great for teachers who work with their students all day to be able to tutor them after school on school grounds. That way, you know where your students are and where they need extra help, and you can give them extra materials to help them catch up.”

Bottger told Louisiana’s politicians that they should pass HB 49. The law doesn’t allow teachers to tutor kids for money now, but this would change that.

“All the ethics violations will go away with this bill. That won’t be a problem. There will still be BESE rules and Calcasieu parish school board rules.” I just hope that those two groups don’t get in the way of teachers tutoring in that way after school. Bradley Shaw said, “Let them do what they’re trained to do.”

It was when Earl Bradshaw’s son was getting help outside of school that he learned about the coaching ban.

“She has been our math tutor for three years, and we were told that the fact that she worked for us after school and was paid by someone outside of school (me) might be unethical.” “A lot of other parents also lost this,” Bradshaw said.

Bradshaw has been asking lawmakers to change things ever since.

Bradshaw said, “It’s a win for everyone; no one loses.”

The House agreed and passed the bill unanimously. It will now go to the Senate.

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