People Are Complaining That The TSA Is Having Trouble With Kentucky Real IDs

People Are Complaining That The TSA Is Having Trouble With Kentucky Real IDs

NEW HEBRON, Ky. – A woman from Kentucky says she had trouble with her Real ID when she recently flew from CVG to Orlando.

Kellie Godwin got her Real ID at the driver’s license office in Burlington. She said it was hard to prove her Real ID at two different airports because the TSA’s technology couldn’t match the picture on her ID with her face.

“It was really hard for the TSA officer to process my photo,” Godwin said. She asked, ‘How old is this driver’s license?’ I told them, “I got it in October.” I can’t see anything, she said it was all washed out. That was a tough time for them.

Godwin said she tried taking off her glasses and hat. She was told to change her smile by the officer, but he still couldn’t verify her photo and had to call his boss.

It was the same for her husband when they tried to leave Orlando, she said. She said a TSA officer told them the pictures were too blurry and it was hard to tell if the people in the pictures were the same ones on their IDs.

Godwin said, “It was scary for me to go through extra steps to have my identity checked, especially since I’m not a very experienced traveler.” “I thought this would make things easier.”

The Kentucky Office of Public Affairs told FOX19 NOW that some people were having trouble with their Real ID.

“Although this issue doesn’t come up very often, the TSA is ready to do extra checks if there are any doubts about the validity of Real IDs from Kentucky or any other state.” In situations like this, we’re always happy to take another picture and give you a new card for free.

Godwin promised to try to get a new picture taken, but she’s not sure if that will help because she and her husband got their Real ID pictures taken months apart.

Godwin wrote on Facebook about her problems with her Real ID. A lot of people mentioned that they had the same problems.

The Kentucky Office of Public Affairs said that people who are having issues should go to the regional office for their driver’s license and ask for a new picture.

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