Parents Were Warned After A Man Was Found With 294 Graphic Pictures From A Hidden Camera In A Girl’s Bedroom

Parents Were Warned After A Man Was Found With 294 Graphic Pictures From A Hidden Camera In A Girl's Bedroom

After finding a hidden camera in a girl’s bedroom in Michigan, police issued a strong warning. The camera led them to a guy who was said to have 294 graphic images on his cellphone.

The scary find was made public by Genesee County Sheriff Christopher Swanson at a press statement held after Nickolas Lee, 30, was arrested.

Swanson said Lee was charged last fall.

Swanson took out a small phone charger and said, “It all began with this.” “This simple cell phone plug-in, that was plugged into an underage girl’s bedroom.”

He said, “But it’s really a camera.”

“If you saw this plugged in, you would not realize that it’s a camera,” he stated. “Guilt has been taken from this place.” Here’s where privacy has been harmed.

“In this young victim’s life, will they ever trust what’s in their bedroom again because of a simple camera that was plugged in with the sole intention of securing footage of a young victim in their bedroom doing what all of us do in our bedroom, where we think we’re safe.” Swanson said it.

Lee’s folks found out about his secret camera idea and took him to the police right away.

“We found Lee and put him in jail,” the cops said.

On the 30-year-old man’s iPhone were hundreds of graphic pictures of the girl at home alone.

“This phone is the creepy white van of the 21st century,” he said. “This right here is what holds child pornography around the world.”

Lee was charged with committing a crime on a computer and harassing a child for bad reasons.

He is also being charged with 30 counts of child pornography for what cops found on his phone.

Lee is being held on a cash bond of $600,000.

It was reported that a Michigan girl’s bedroom had a secret camera after an Apple Airtag was found tracking a boy in Florida.

Fox 35 reported that Jackie Giurleo found out that her son was being watched through the device.

Giurleo told the news source that she didn’t have any AirTags when her iPhone started telling her that one was close at a Satellite Beach Christmas parade. A map of all the places her son had been showed up on her phone as an AirTag warning that she hadn’t seen, she told the news source.

Her “heart dropped” when she found the device in a quarter-sized hole bored into her son’s shoe. She had looked through all of her son’s clothes and toys.

It had been following him for almost a month, she said.

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