MSNBC Legal Expert: Hunter Biden Verdict Proves President Biden is ‘Embodiment of Rule of Law’

MSNBC Legal Expert Hunter Biden Verdict Proves President Biden is 'Embodiment of Rule of Law'

Andrew Weissmann, co-host of the MSNBC podcast and a legal analyst, said that President Biden’s actions following his son Hunter Biden’s conviction on Tuesday show that the president has the greatest respect for the law.

After the younger Biden was found guilty on federal charges of buying and having a gun while high on drugs, the legal expert spoke on “MSNBC Reports” and praised the president for not getting in the way of his Department of Justice’s prosecution of his son.

“You have a president of the United States who is the living embodiment of the rule of law,” Weissmann told José Díaz-Balart on MSNBC.

A jury in Delaware found Biden guilty of not telling the truth when he bought a gun, not telling the truth about information that a federally licensed gun dealer has to keep, and having a gun while using or addicted to a controlled drug illegally.

Before his testimony, Weissmann said he was more interested in what the case’s “particulars” meant for the convict’s father than in the case itself. This was especially true when he thought about how former President Trump handled his own recent guilty decision and the rule of law in general.

“This is a gun charge.” “The evidence was overwhelming,” said Weissmann, who used to be the general counsel of the FBI. “Like the other people in the group, I agree that it is rarely charged. In the 21 years I’ve worked at the department, I’ve never seen a case like this one brought. People who are felons and have guns are usually the ones who are charged.

What does it tell us about the rule of law in this country? I’m more interested in two things: One, the son of the president at the time was tried right away. Weissmann went on, “He was given due process, and he was found guilty.” “And the current president, who is the defendant’s father, has made it very clear that he is not pardoning him. He could have told the Justice Department at any time to drop this case.” That wasn’t what he did.

All of this, Weissmann said, shows how dedicated President Biden is to defending the rule of law. He said that this verdict’s “big picture” is this.

“You really can contrast that to the former president’s denigration of the rule of law,” said Weissmann. “Every single time [Trump] is found either guilty in a criminal case or liable in a civil case, including sexual assault and fraud, he says the system’s rigged against him.”

“So, I think that that to me is the really strong contrast between the two views of the institution of the justice system, whether it’s civil justice or criminal justice, that I think is speaking to me very loudly about the impact and the import of this case,” he said.

Source: FOX News

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