Mother Speaks Out After Getting Scary South Carolina Scam Messages

Mother Speaks Out After Getting Scary South Carolina Scam Messages

DACUSVILLE, South Carolina —
There are two little children that Elizabeth Sebring, who resides in Dacusville, is the mother of.

Sebring stated that she received several threatening messages the previous week, following the loss of her iPhone and the subsequent purchase of a new one.

Sebring stated that the communications were sent in the form of videos and texts, with one of the videos displaying a guy brandishing a firearm. Threats to intentionally do physical harm to her and her family were included in the texts, along with details on her family, her name, and her residence. The individual further warned that the personal information would be made available on the black market if she did not delete the lost cellphone from her Apple account and remove all tracking capabilities from the previous phone.

“It was very threatening and very concerning because it was a video they sent of a man holding a gun, and I have two young children,” Sebring explained to reporters. According to them, some of the things that they threatened to do to us were offensive. In a word, it was awful.

After some time, Sebring stated that she eventually came across internet forums where other individuals who had nearly fallen prey to the same fraud posted comments that were similar to those that they had received from con artists.

Sebring stated that she wants people to be aware of this in order to assist them in avoiding being victims of this scam if it occurs to them. She is particularly concerned about senior folks.

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