Mother of Six Fatally Shot in Her Sleep While Planning Wedding, Children Nearby

Mother of Six Fatally Shot in Her Sleep While Planning Wedding, Children Nearby

A mother of six from North Carolina was shot and killed while she slept and her children and mother watched TV in the house.

The 39-year-old Latasha Cureton was killed late Monday night in a drive-by shooting. The attacker is said to have shot at her Gastonia, North Carolina, home while she slept inside and her kids watched a movie with her mother, according to the Gaston Gazette, WSOC TV, and WCCB Charlotte.

People who heard the shooting, including Cureton’s mother and children, said they first thought they heard fireworks.

Her daughter, who is not named in the story, told Queen City News, “It felt like an explosion.”

“We thought it was a loud bang like something fell in the kitchen all of a sudden. It was several bangs like fireworks, but it kept getting louder,” the daughter told the news source. “We ran, hid, and put the babies under our arms.”

Her sister said that Cureton’s son found her in the front bedroom after she screamed, “I’m hit.”

“Then, her son saw her having a heart attack,” her sister told WCCB Charlotte. The sister is not named in the story either.

News outlets report that Cureton’s daughter said, “Realized she had been shot, but at that point, it was too late.” “I don’t understand how people can get over losing their mom.”

The family showed pictures of a home door that was full of bullet holes to several news outlets. WCNC Charlotte released one picture of a light switch that had a bullet hole in it.

Family and friends told the Gaston Gazette and WCCB Charlotte that they thought there were 30 to 40 bullet holes.

WSOC TV said that the door alone had 13 holes in it.

NSW Weave, Cureton’s friend, told Queen City News that she was planning her wedding when she died.

For Latasha (sometimes called Tasha), a GoFundMe page was made to help her family with their upcoming money problems. It calls her a “beloved mother, daughter, sister, cousin, niece, and friend.”

A part of the GoFundMe says, “She was loved very much and brought so much love and light into our lives.” “Everyone who knew her will miss her.”

She says that she lives off of social security and that it will be hard for her to raise the kids by herself.

Roselie Hardy, the mother, told WSOC TV, “I don’t know how we are going to make it.”

WSOC TV says that Hardy is having a hard time with the effects of the violence as well as her money problems. The source said she doesn’t go into the room where Cureton died.

Hardy said, “I don’t want to say goodbye, but I know I have to.”

ABC and Queen City News say Cureton’s family hopes the shooter will come forward.

Source: PEOPLE

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