Mother of 3 Mauled to Death by Vicious Dogs in Rural Georgia; Kids Injured but Alive after Attack at Bus Stop

Mother of 3 Mauled to Death by Vicious Dogs in Rural Georgia; Kids Injured but Alive after Attack at Bus Stop

An attack by a pack of dogs killed a mother in rural Georgia as she tried to protect her children.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) says that 35-year-old Courtney Williams was found dead in a yard near a bus stop behind the Brooks County Middle School in Quitman. His family had been waiting there when the dogs dove on him.

The GBI said, “When deputies arrived, they found several aggressive dogs on the property.”

Two kids who were hurt in the attack on May 9 were taken to the hospital. They found their mother’s body in the garden of a nearby house.

Williams’s sister-in-law Crystal Cox wrote an update on Facebook and posted upsetting pictures of the kids’ wounds. The boy was protecting his little sister when the dogs bit him several times, according to the family.

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The post says that Nathan, a third child, ran to the school to get help during the attack but turned around because he thought he wouldn’t have time to help his brothers.

The kid was able to call out to a man Ms. Cox calls a “angel” who came and helped save the kids.

She said that the kids are scared and are still processing what happened. In an earlier post that same day, Ms. Cox shared the sad news of the attack.

She wrote, “I have to say this with a heavy heart.”“My brother’s wife Courtney Williams cox passed away yesterday. The neighbors dogs attacked her and the kids. Her son, Kayden, didn’t get away fast enough as he pushed his sister out of harms way. He was hurt pretty bad [but is] doing good. They stapled him up. [He’s] in pain and at my house resting.”

Just days before Mother’s Day, a neighbor told WALB that the accident made her sad.

“I do feel for the family and for the kids because now they are going to have to celebrate Mother’s Day without their mother,” the neighbor said.

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