Montana Officials Express Solidarity with Israel Following Iranian Attack

Montana Officials Express Solidarity with Israel Following Iranian Attack

After hearing that Iran was attacking Israel on Saturday, leaders from Montana said they stood with Israel.

On Sunday, Sen. Steve Daines put out the following statement:

“In the strongest words possible, I condemn Iran’s first-ever direct attack on Israel. I also want to thank the brave men and women who helped protect Israel and our top security goals.

“Since he took office, President Biden has done nothing but show weakness toward the Iranian regime. He started by going against President Trump’s policy of putting maximum pressure on Iran, then tried to pay the Iranian regime $6 billion in a prisoner swap, and most recently let the UN sanctions on Iran’s drones and ballistic missiles expire.” The same drones and weapons that were used against our ally Israel. Iran also keeps giving money to Hamas, which is still holding hostages from its October 7 attack, including five Americans.

“The Biden administration and Senate Democrats need to change their minds right now.” We need to stand with our friend Israel and do everything we can to stop Iran from supporting dangerous terrorist groups and making horrifying progress toward nuclear weapons.

The following was posted on Facebook by Rep. Ryan Zinke:

“I support Israel.” Peace talks with a terrorist government don’t work. You kill them.”

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