Michigan Man Faces Legal Action Following Son’s Self-Inflicted Gunshot!

Michigan Man Faces Legal Action Following Son's Self-Inflicted Gunshot!

A Michigan father faces charges under the state’s recently implemented safe storage law following an incident where his son accessed a firearm and shot himself in the face.

Theo Nichols’ 8-year-old son remains in critical condition at a Detroit hospital after the April 19 tragedy, Warren police revealed during a Wednesday press conference.

According to investigators, the boy obtained the handgun, which was stored “unsafely” atop a kitchen cabinet, using a chair to access it.

“In the wake of this tragic incident, we are reminded of the profound responsibility that comes with gun ownership,” remarked Macomb County Prosecutor Peter J. Lucido in a statement.

Nichols, who had a prior drug-related conviction barring him from firearm ownership, was inside the home along with the child’s mother and three siblings during the incident.

Michigan’s legislature passed a law last year mandating secure storage of firearms in households with minors, imposing severe penalties for non-compliance. Nichols, 56, is the first to face charges under this law. He also faces child abuse charges and is considered a habitual offender.

He is currently held on $250,000 bail, with his next court appearance scheduled for April 30.

Efforts to reach Nichols’ legal representation were unsuccessful.

The investigation remains ongoing, the police stated.

Acting Warren Police Commissioner Charles Rushton emphasized the preventable nature of the incident and urged the public to utilize the free gun locks available at police departments and other agencies.

“We always recommend gun safes for people, unfortunately, people don’t listen to us,” Rushton said. “Hopefully this press conference, if it does nothing else, changes one person’s mind to use a gun lock and prevent another tragedy.”

Lucido echoed Rushton’s sentiments, emphasizing parental responsibility regarding firearm safety.

“It serves as a tragic warning to every parent out there. Do your part. Do not back down. If you own a gun, you have children, and their safety is at risk,” Lucido concluded during the press conference.

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