Massachusetts IRS Agent Faces Three-year Prison Sentence for Submitting Fraudulent Tax Returns!

Massachusetts IRS Agent Faces Three-year Prison Sentence for Submitting Fraudulent Tax Returns!

A U.S. Internal Revenue Service agent is indicted for submitting false tax returns, as announced by the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of Massachusetts.

Ndeye Amy Thioub, 67, of Swampscott, has been indicted on multiple counts related to false tax returns, including misrepresentation as a federal employee, following her arrest on March 20.

Thioub, an IRS agent since 2006 based in Boston, specializes in scrutinizing complex income tax returns for large entities. The indictment alleges falsifications on her personal tax returns for 2017–2019.

Beyond her IRS role, Thioub also served as a visiting instructor at Salem State University from approximately 2017 to 2021. She taught various courses on accounting practices, financial analysis, and ethical responsibilities.

Thioub faces potential imprisonment for up to three years, along with fines, for filing fraudulent tax returns. Moreover, she could face additional penalties for falsifying returns as a federal employee.

According to the U.S. Sentencing Commission, tax fraud cases are not uncommon, with substantial median losses reported.

During the mentioned tax years, Thioub allegedly claimed substantial fraudulent business expenses, including false losses from an alleged “import/export” business, which she reported on her Schedule C forms.

This case is the latest in a series involving IRS employees. In a separate incident, six individuals, including a former IRS agent, faced charges related to a multimillion-dollar COVID-fraud scheme in May 2023. Another former IRS employee was sentenced to prison in 2022 for filing false tax returns and obstructing an audit, while in October 2020, an IRS supervisory revenue agent was arrested for involvement in a drug distribution conspiracy.

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