Maryland Attorney General Demands $1 Million Restitution from BOJ & Sons

Maryland Attorney General Demands $1 Million Restitution from BOJ & Sons

Anthony G. Brown, the attorney general of Maryland, said that Bryan O. Jones and his business, BOJ & Sons Construction, have been given a final order by his Consumer Protection Division to pay over $1 million in damages, fines, and costs. The order came about because BOJ & Sons didn’t follow through on home repair contracts after taking large deposits from at least 35 Maryland customers. The company kept selling and doing home improvements even though their licenses were taken away in October 2021.

The Final Order said that BOJ & Sons broke the Consumer Protection Act and Maryland’s home improvement contractor laws. It was given after a hearing in October 2023. It was found that the company took too many deposits, used contract forms that were not fully filled out, and ran its business without the right licenses. Attorney General Brown said that companies like BOJ & Sons should be held responsible for their acts because people in Maryland deserve businesses that they can trust.

The Consumer Protection Division has ordered Mr. Jones and his business to return all money they took from customers without a license, which adds up to $514,800 for 35 customers. They also have to pay fines and costs that are more than $485,000. So that bad behavior doesn’t happen again, Mr. Jones and BOJ & Sons can’t take deposits or advance payments without putting up a $500,000 performance bond for each party. Also, they have to follow Maryland’s home repair laws, which include getting the right licenses and staying within the limits on deposits and contract disclosures.

Attorney General Brown thanks the Maryland Home Improvement Commission for its help and advises people to check the licenses of builders on the Commission’s website to make sure they are working with trustworthy companies. People who have been impacted by BOJ & Sons Construction can get help from the Consumer Protection Division by calling, sending an email, or mailing a complaint.

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