Kids In Elementary School Are Left Behind At The Youth Fair

Kids In Elementary School Are Left Behind At The Youth Fair

Elementary school kids are angry that they were left behind at the Miami-Dade County Youth Fair while on a school field trip.

Jahkeam Moore, who is six years old, is one of many children who were left behind.

After hearing the news, Miami-Dade County Public Schools said, “Miami-Dade County Public Schools is deeply concerned to learn that several students from Charles R. Drew K-8 Center returned to their school from a field trip with a parent instead of their assigned bus.” We are looking into it and will do what needs to be done.”

Moore’s aunt told CBS News Miami that she was very angry: “We have kids who are getting snatched all the time as they walk home from school.” This shouldn’t happen on a guided field trip. I can only guess what goes on during fire drills. Is there a number at fire drills by the teachers?” she asked.

This is what the Miami-Dade County Youth Fair told CBS News Miami about what happened on Wednesday: “The Miami-Dade County Fair & Exposition does an extensive sweep at the end of every field trip and at the end of every night, to make sure that no child or guest is left behind on the premises.” Neither the fair nor the MDPD were told that any kids were missing during or after today’s field trip.

We called Miami Dade Police, and they told us that when a kid goes missing, they get a description of the child and start looking for them right away. People say that if you want to keep your child safe, teach them to ask for help from a police officer or someone else in power when they get lost. A parent can also keep an air tag or bracelet on their child with details that can be used to find them.

“I know that when I’m with kids, I take out my field trip forms, count them, match them with faces, and count heads.” I count their heads again when I put them on the bus. “So you can’t tell me that these trained professionals and teachers did everything the right way,” Moore’s godmother said.

Moore’s godmother says that Moore’s family wants the school to be responsible.

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