Kentucky Persons Continue To Clean And Assess Damage After The Storm

Kentucky Persons Continue To Clean And Assess Damage After The Storm

Central Kentucky is still returning to normal after Tuesday’s bad storms.

“All of a sudden it started to rain.” Then right after the wind came.”

After 36 hours, the storm…

“The damage is pretty bad.”

Many people in Lexington can see they have a long way to go.

It took six or seven trucks and ten guys out here last night to clear the street. The street was closed because of all the things that were in it. Mace Happy Goday, who lives off of Versailles Rd., said, “It was terrible.”

The National Weather Service looked at the places around Versailles Road and found that damage like this was caused by straight-line winds of up to 80 miles per hour.

“It was terrible; trees were flying everywhere.”

Neighbors like Mace Happy Goday were without power for more than a day because of big trees falling on their homes, cars, and power lines. Others are still waiting for the power to be restored.

“In terms of power outages, Lexington was about the worst hit.” But there was damage all over,” KU spokesman Daniel Lowry said.

While these guys from Kentucky Utilities work hard, Governor Andy Beshear looked at the damage from the storm in Jessamine County. Where an EF-1 tornado hit on Tuesday. Getting everyone to clean up the mess today was his strong message.

“Perhaps every homeowner or renter who had damage should write it down for us.” Talk to the person in charge of disaster management in your county. Beshear said, “The damage you report helps us get to the point where we can help someone who needs individual help, even if you think you’re insured and don’t need help yourself.”

The City of Lexington stated how to get rid of storm debris. From 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Wednesday through Sunday, you can take trash to the Haley Pike Landfill or the Training Pad on Old Frankfort Pike.

You need to show that you live in Fayette County. And if you can’t get to the spot, you can call 311 or leave the trash at the curb for regular pickup.

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