Kansas’s Governor Signs A Bill That Will Make Things Easier For Military Wives

Kansas Governor Signs A Bill That Will Make Things Easier For Military Wives

THE TOPEKA, Kan. A bill with the name of the Kansas Governor just got signed into law. It will help remove job barriers for military wives in the Sunflower State.

Gov. Laura Kelly of Kansas said on Friday, March 29, that she had signed House Bill 2745, which will exempt the spouses of military members from all fees related to getting a license, registering a trade, or getting certified.

“Being the daughter of a career Army officer, I know how important it is to support our soldiers and their families,” Gov. Kelly said. “I’m proud to sign this bill that comes from both parties. It removes barriers and makes sure that military spouses have every chance to fill the jobs we’ve created in Kansas.”

It was Kelly’s idea that Kansas should be the first state to join the Alliance for States Providing Interoperable Reciprocity in February 2023. A group of people working together wants the military to speed up reciprocity between and within states. This would make it easier for military members and their families to get licenses in states where they are posted.

“Military spouses are very important to the economy and workforce of Kansas,” said Usha Reddi, a senator from District 22 and a member of the Governor’s Military Council. “This bill will make it easier for military spouses to find work, which will help us support our service members and their families even more.”

Kelly also said that she signed a bill in 2021 that makes it easier for military troops and their spouses to get work licenses if they want to move to Kansas. Armed forces spouses could easily return to work and start contributing to the state’s income after this.

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