Kansas Humane Society’s Weekend Adoption Event Shelter Nearly Cleared with Discounted Adoptions

Kansas Humane Society's Weekend Adoption Event Shelter Nearly Cleared with Discounted Adoptions

KANSAS CITY, Kan. – The Kansas Humane Society changed a short-term setback into a big win. Gas services were cut off because of a possible leak, and a sale on adoptions almost cleared out the shelter.

The head of communications at KHS, Jordan Bani-Younes, said, “Our gas was turned off on Wednesday.” “So everyone was okay. But the weather was getting cooler, especially on Saturday when it got down to the 30s.”

KHS posted on Facebook that their prices for animals were going down: $50 for dogs and puppies and “pick your price” for all adult cats. Cutting down on the cost of adoption was a great idea that worked out well.

Bani-Younes said, “On Friday, we had 27 adoptions.” “We had nine on Saturday.” By Saturday night, we only had two dogs left.

Kayla Thompson says she came back because she adopted a kitten from the Human Society many years ago.

Smith said, “Well, we have Shadow here.” “Look at that little black cat! We came here for my daughter’s third birthday. We caught him. That cat is so cool. He just loved on her after we picked him up. We wanted to get another cat and give him a home because he is so cool.

KHS wants people who want to adopt animals to come visit and help the animals in their care find forever homes, even though the adoption event is over and it’s hot again.

Bani-Younes said, “Right now, it’s kind of hard to keep animals in place.” “That’s exactly what we want. We’re here to help these animals find forever homes, and we love seeing that happen.

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