Jill Biden is on the Campaign Trail in the South, Where More and More People Want Her Husband to Step Down

Jill Biden is on the Campaign Trail in the South, Where More and More People Want Her Husband to Step Down

First lady Jill Biden is going all out on Monday to back her husband, President Joe Biden, even though more and more people are telling him to drop out of the election.

On Monday, Jill Biden will vote for her husband at campaign events in North Carolina, Florida, and Georgia, all of which are important Southern states. After running for office in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania over the weekend, Biden is now on a trip with the first lady.

More and more people are calling for Joe Biden to drop out of the presidential race after his terrible performance in the debate last month raised questions about his age and mental health. Several sources say that Democrats have talked about whether Biden should run against Trump as the Democratic nominee in November, both in public and in private.

It is known that five Democrats in the House have asked Biden to step down, and reports say that Sen. Mark Warner (D-VA) is trying to get other Democrats in the Senate to do the same.

Jill and Hunter Biden are said to be two of the most vocal people in the president’s inner group who want him to keep running for president. They have also pushed for changes to be made to his campaign staff in order to help him recover from his poor performance in the debate.

Some of the most important swing states are North Carolina and Georgia. In November, most people think Florida will vote for former President Donald Trump. The Biden campaign has said that Florida can be won, but the president’s show in the debates has probably made it less possible that the state can be changed.

The average of the polls on RealClearPolitics shows that Trump is ahead of Biden in North Carolina by 47.8% to 42%. In Georgia, Trump is ahead of Biden by 46% to 42.3%.

Before the debate, Trump was ahead in the polls across the country and in the key split states. Since the debate on June 27, most polls have shown that Trump’s lead has grown, which has made Democrats even more worried about Biden.


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