Hulk Hogan Announces Engagement While Giving Speech At Friends Wedding She Was Crazy Enough To Say Yes

Hulk Hogan announces engagement while giving speech at

A restaurant in Tampa, Florida, was the place where Hulk Hogan proposed to yoga teacher Sky Daily last week. He told everyone about his engagement and how he met his future wife during a speech at a friend’s wedding over the weekend. Earlier this week, he also talked about how giving up booze has made him a better partner.

Hogan, whose real name is Terry Bollea, quit wrestling in 2012 after a long career that made him one of the most famous wrestlers of the 1980s. He was married to Linda Claridge from 1983 to 2009 and then to Jennifer McDaniel from 2010 to 2021. He is now 69 years old. She gave birth to two children, Brooke and Nick.

Fans were confused about whether Hogan was still married to McDaniel in 2022 because he had been seen with Daily. But he cleared things up.

Hogan told the crowd at his wedding over the weekend that he met Daily after sending a drink to a group of women.

Hogan said, “So I saw Sky, and we sat down and talked.” He added that he didn’t think much would come of it. Then when I got to my car, the window kept banging. I shut the window because it scared me so much.

Someone knocked on his window. It was Daily’s friend, who just got married this weekend. The friend got out of the car and told Hogan to call Daily and say, “She’s a nice girl!”

“It made me think twice about just ghosting and going home and never calling,” Hogan told me. “… I asked Sky to marry me, and she was crazy enough to say yes, brother.”

This weekend, that same friend gave Daily the bouquet because she is going to be a bride soon.

This time, Hogan said on Theo Von’s show “This Past Weekend” that things are going to be different from his previous marriages, which ended in divorce. Hogan said that drinking had been a big problem in the past, so he stopped drinking to get along better with Daily.

“During those marriages, there was a lot of alcohol use,” he said. “But after I started dating Sky, I started drinking more.” I’d dig and s–t. I started to lose something I didn’t want to lose again all of a sudden. “So I told them I was done drinking.”

It was also said that cheating was a problem. Claridge’s spokeswoman told the media that Claridge first asked for a divorce in 2007 because Hogan was seeing Christiane Plante, who is best friends with his daughter.

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