Heartbroken Mother Mourns ‘Delightful Little Boy’ Killed in Tragic Murder-Suicide by Father’s Evil and Cowardly Act

Heartbroken Mother Mourns 'Delightful Little Boy' Killed in Tragic Murder-Suicide by Father 'Evil and Cowardly Act

An Australian boy’s mother spoke out after his death, calling it “an evil and cowardly act of violence.” The boy’s father killed him and then killed himself.

Rowan Roome, Dr. Sophie Roome’s 2-year-old son, was found dead in an apartment in East Lismore, New South Wales, on the night of May 19. His body was found next to that of his 38-year-old father, James Harrison.

At a news conference in May, Deputy NSW Police Commissioner Thurtell said that Harrison is thought to have planned the murder-suicide by setting up a system that pumped gas into his apartment.

His mother is in terrible pain over the death of her child.

This person, who Rowan should have been able to trust the most, killed him in a violent and evil act, Roome and other family members said in a statement in May, according to ABC North Coast.

“This hurt has no possible reason and will never end in the pain it has caused,” the statement says. “We’re heartbroken.” We will always love and miss Rowan.

News Corp Australia reports that Roome called the police to ask them to check on Harrison and Rowan’s well-being because Harrison didn’t bring the boy home from a planned custody visit that day.

ABC.net.au says that Rowan lived with Roome but had plans to see his father.

That day, Roome called the police at 5:30 p.m. to say that Harrison was meant to have brought Rowan home at 4:30.

When Harrison didn’t answer the phone or answer the door, police tried to call and knock on his door for hours. It was 9:45 p.m. when police broke into the flat.

“That was a father and son, and you wouldn’t find a more tragic event,” Thurtell told ABC North Coast.

It was still in effect because Roome got a domestic violence order against Harrison in July 2023, Thurtell told ABC North Coast. This was to protect her and Rowan.

A GoFundMe page was made to help Roome, and the person in charge, Belinda Olding, wrote, “Rowan was a sweet little boy who loved his family and friends very much.” He liked music, the beach, and swimming.

Even more, Olding said, “Rowan’s family is devastated.” People who are supposed to love and care for children should never kill them.

Source: PEOPLE

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