Gruesome Allegations: Nevada Murder Suspect Accused of Cannibalism, Eating Victim’s Face and Eyeball in Las Vegas

Gruesome Allegations: Nevada Murder Suspect Accused of Cannibalism, Eating Victim's Face and Eyeball in Las Vegas

Las Vegas, NV: Authorities say that a man was arrested in Las Vegas after reportedly killing another man in a fight and then eating his face.

In a news release, the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police (LVMD) said that two men got into a fight in front of a business in Las Vegas’ art area at 4:44 a.m. on Sunday, April 28.

According to the cops, the man they found was “unresponsive” and “bleeding from the head.” Police later said that he was declared dead.

Police said that Colin Czech, 31, the other man who was reportedly involved in the fight, was locked up. Czech “attacked the victim at some point,” according to more research. He was arrested and booked at the Clark County Detention center on an open murder charge, the police said.

The LVMD said that the Coroner’s Office for Clark County would later release the man’s name, as well as the reason and manner of his death.

Police found Czech eating the man’s brain and ear, according to sources who spoke to the Las Vegas Review-Journal. As per police records that KLAS received, Czech had “biological matter in his hair, mouth, and on his clothing” when he was found.

KLAS got papers that show police got a call about someone tackling someone on the ground near Charleston Boulevard. They then got another call almost an hour later saying that a man was “eating” another man’s face at a bus stop.

Czech reportedly told cops that he “was going in and out of consciousness” and that he had been awake for “five days straight” because someone or something was “possessing him,” KLAS papers show.

On April 29, Czech was supposed to go to court, but the judge said he couldn’t because he was still in the hospital. The judge also told the Las Vegas Review-Journal that Czech had to stay in jail without bail.

The next meeting for him is set for May 1, according to KLAS and the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

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