Fugitive Ringleader of NYC Moped Gang Busted for Helmet Violation After 3 Months Run

Fugitive Ringleader of NYC Moped Gang Busted for Helmet Violation After 3 Months Run

New York City, NY: Police caught the leader of a national migrant moped gang that caused a lot of trouble in New York City in the Bronx after three months on the run.

Victor Parra, 30, was a leader in the vicious group that sold stolen goods from the five boroughs to coworkers in Florida and to people in South America. He was caught last week riding a bike without a helmet and is now in police custody, according to sources.

The scooter had plates from Texas, the people said.

It’s Parra and Franco Police in New York City who arrested Alexander Peraza Navas in February. They say he ran the business from an apartment in the Bronx until the police broke up the ring.

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Sources say that Parra, a Venezuelan immigrant, left the city as police closed in on the illegal operation. He was seen hiding in Chicago and Miami before he came back to the five boroughs.

Navas told police after being caught, “In a million years I never thought you’d catch me,” according to people.

A group of people on two wheels were involved in thefts in New York City, New Jersey, Yonkers, and Florida. Navas was charged with two carjackings and six robberies at gunpoint before he was caught stealing at a Yonkers Macy’s on December 17.

According to reports, Parra and Navas often went to the Sunshine State to unload the stolen goods.

Sources tell the police that the goods came through a Texas-based company run by a husband and wife team from Venezuela. The money from the sales was used to buy expensive things, like a swimming pool in Colombia.

People also say that the group brought illegal immigrants into the US to join the robbery crew.

Surveillance video showed that the gang did some bad things.

Online records show that Parra is being held on Rikers Island on $50,000 bail or a $100,000 bond. He is being charged with having stolen goods and other crimes.

Two other people who were riding with him on the bike when he was caught were not charged.

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