Florida Sheriff Announces 20 Arrests in Drug and Weapons Trafficking Operation

Florida Sheriff Announces 20 Arrests in Drug and Weapons Trafficking Operation

Sheriff Dennis Lemma said Tuesday that 20 people have been arrested and 13 more are being sought in connection with a large-scale drug dealing operation.

A lot of different drugs, like fentanyl, heroin, meth, and “Molly,” and weapons, like machine guns, rifles, and handguns, were said to have been sold by the group.

Members of one of the groups are said to have tried to use a drone to drop cell phones, SIM cards, razors, tobacco, and other illegal items outside of a Florida jail’s safe perimeter.

In another case, the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office said in a news release that a UPS manager would reportedly steal packages with fake addresses and deliver them to people who were part of the trafficking ring.

Operation Black Ice was the name of the police operation that began in October 2023 and included partners from city, state, and federal governments.

The operation’s most important results are:

  • 24 Secret Buyers Buy a Total of $160,000 Worth of Drugs and Guns
  • Drugs and more than a dozen guns were taken from a house.
  • A murder-for-hire plan against a prisoner was stopped.
  • More people who are thought to be suspects were arrested in Seminole and Orange counties.

“We have been saying for years that arrests alone won’t solve the drug problem in our country. We also need to hold drug dealers fully responsible by the law.” “The size of this investigation shows how important it is for law enforcement agencies to work together, and it also shows how committed we are to fighting illegal drugs on our streets, especially Fentanyl and the organized crime that goes along with it,” Sheriff Lemma said in prepared comments.

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