Elementary School Teacher in Wisconsin caught “making out” with a fifth-grader, Arrested by Cops

Elementary School Teacher in Wisconsin caught "making out" with a fifth-grader, Arrested by Cops

On Wednesday, a 24-year-old elementary school teacher in Wisconsin was arrested for “making out” with a fifth-grade student. This happened less than three months before she was to get married.

The boy’s mother heard her son talking to the teacher on the phone, which led to the accusations that Madison Bergmann abused the boy.

The parents of the victim reportedly found texts between the two men. The boy’s father then stomped into River Crest Elementary School with copies of the texts.

Bergmann’s text messages were reportedly about multiple encounters in the classroom during lunch or after school, according to the crazy chain of texts.

The charging papers also say she told the child how much she liked it when he touched her and “made out.”

Police also found a folder in her bag with the victim’s name on it. Inside it were many scribbled notes about how much they kissed, according to the charges.

Bergmann supposedly wrote in one of the letters, “One of my cousins is in the fifth grade, and I can’t picture a man talking to her the way we do.” I understand that our relationship is unique and that I love you more than anyone else, but I need to be an adult and stop.”

Bergmann told police that the boy’s mother gave her his phone number in December, when the boy’s family thought they were inviting a beloved teacher to the Afton Alps for winter break. It’s not clear how long the abuse had been going on.

Her social media shows that she got engaged to her longterm boyfriend that same month.

The paper says that Bergmann used her right to a lawyer when police asked about text messages between the two people.

The accused pervert has been put on administrative leave and is not allowed to talk to any kids, parents, or staff in the district, the Hudson School District told parents the same day she was arrested.

“Leaving hearing about a school employee’s allegedly bad behavior that breaks trust is very upsetting for all of us,” the message says.

The last time we saw Bergmann, she was planning to get married in July, which is less than three months after she was arrested.

There is one count of first-degree child sexual assault against Bergmann.

A $25,000 signing bond got her out of jail.

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