DC Mayor Declines Meeting with Father Mourning Loss of Three Sons to City’s Violent Crime

DC Mayor Declines Meeting with Father Mourning Loss of Three Sons to City's Violent Crime

Democratic Mayor Muriel Bowser of Washington, D.C. is declining to meet with a father who lost three kids to violent crimes in the city, even though the father is still asking officials for answers about the crime epidemic that is affecting him and his community.

When asked if she intended to meet with John Evans, who has been requesting a meeting with city authorities since the passing of his third son, Avion Evans, Bowser quickly said, “No,” to a local Fox affiliate. On April 4, Avion allegedly got shot and died at the Brookland Metro station in Washington, D.C.

Avion’s half-brother, John Coleman, was allegedly shot and killed in May while doing handyman work for a neighbor. Avion’s older brother, Johnny Evans III, was stabbed to death at D.C.’s Deanwood Metro station eight years earlier in April 2016.

The family was contacted by the Office of Neighborhood Safety and Engagement, but Evans wants to talk to the local government about his concerns over crime, according to Fox 5 DC. It has been three weeks since the loss of his youngest son, and he has not heard from anyone.

When the affiliate questioned Bowser on the incident on April 10, she said, “I won’t discuss their concerns with you. It’s evident it concerns us, so I’ll speak with them about it.”

On Wednesday, it inquired once more if Bowser had communicated with the Evans family.

“I don’t talk about my discussions with families,” the reporter shot back, making it clear that she wasn’t inquiring about the nature of any chat, but rather whether or not she planned to meet with Evans.

The reporter inquired why, to which she replied that she wasn’t. “I’ve responded to your query. Are there any other queries?” stated Bowser.

Fox News Digital has requested a statement from Bowser’s office.

According to figures from the Metropolitan Police Department, crime has increased in the nation’s capital, with 274 murders by the end of 2023—the highest number in more than 20 years—in contrast to other large cities around the country where crime has decreased recently.

Thefts and robberies increased by 23% and 67%, respectively, and car thefts nearly doubled.

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