Boston Woman Cleared of Charges Despite Discovery of Four Infant Bodies in Apartment Freezer

Boston Woman Cleared of Charges Despite Discovery of Four Infant Bodies in Apartment Freezer

A woman will not be charged by the district attorney’s office in the Boston area after the bodies of four babies were found in her apartment freezer.

In a news release on April 30, Suffolk District Attorney Kevin Hayden said that police have been looking into a “unusual” case since November 17, 2022, when they got a call from a man saying that he and his wife found the body of an infant in an apartment freezer. After that, that man called 911 again to say that the couple had found “multiple babies” while cleaning out his sister’s house.

The Boston Police Department’s Homicide Unit and Crime Laboratory and the Massachusetts Office of the Chief Medical Examiner have been working with Hayden’s office to find answers for the past year and a half. This week, though, he said that they ran into problems and that the investigation will not lead to charges. He put out a long report on the case to explain his decision.

When cops went to a South Boston apartment in November 2022, they found the bodies of two boys and two girls who were only a few days old.

The report said, “All of them were found in shoe boxes with tin foil around them.” Also, the babies were full-term, which means they were born between 37 and 40 weeks.

Alexis Aldamir, 69 years old, was found after their search. Records show that she bought the apartment in October 1983. Investigators found that Aldamir now lives in a residential healthcare center and no longer lives in the house.

The story said that Aldamir’s DNA was tested and it was proven that she is the mother of the four babies.

“In the end, investigators found out that the possible father of the babies had died in 2011.” In June 2023, they got a court order to get his DNA. Testing it showed that he was the father of all four babies found in Aldamir’s apartment, the story said.

The police also found out that Aldamir and the man who was not named had another daughter in April 1982, but the man’s name was not on the birth certificate. They gave her to a family to adopt.

Aldamir was told about the probe by the police. As the conversation went on, Aldamir looked confused and didn’t seem to know where she was or who she was talking to. “Because of this, she couldn’t give investigators any useful information,” the report said.

The police then talked to Aldamir’s lawyer and came to the conclusion that she “would be unlikely to stand trial.”

According to NBC Boston, Aldamir was given a conservatorship in 2022 because it was proven that she “could not receive, synthesize, or understand new information.”

Even though the four babies were autopsied, the medical examiner said there is no scientific way to know for sure how long they were in the fridge. The examiner also found no clear signs of trauma or injuries, either inside or outside the body.

“The medical examiner’s office also said it could not say for sure if the babies were born alive or not,” the story said. The autopsy report said that the cause of death was “undetermined.”

No one will be charged with the deaths of the children because there isn’t enough proof.

“This investigation is over. It was one of the most difficult, strange, and puzzling cases this office has ever seen.” “We know some things about this case, but there are many other things that we probably will never know,” Hayden said in a statement.

The district attorney also said that the cops couldn’t answer a lot of questions.

There is no way for us to know for sure where or when the four babies found in Alexis Aldamir’s room were born. No matter what, we will never know if the four babies were born living or what happened to them. “We will never know how or why Alexis Aldamir hid the fact that she was pregnant,” he said.

It is not immediately clear if Aldamir has a lawyer right now. This morning, called the Suffolk District Attorney’s Office to find out more about Aldamir’s current or past lawyers.

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