As Shown in the Video, Two Individuals Are Seen Destroying an Ancient Rock Formation in Nevada by Pushing Stones Off of It

Rangers from the National Park Service have reported that a video that was uploaded to social media shows two individuals moving rocks over a cliff at an ancient rock formation in the state of Nevada.

In the video that was uploaded by KVVU, a young girl can be heard screaming, “Don’t fall, Daddy!” while the guys wrangle rocks to reach the dropoff at Lake Mead National Recreation Area. When the stones hit the ground, they create clouds of dust that are visible in the sky.

The two males in the video are believed to have been captured on the evening of Sunday, April 7, near the Redstone Dunes Trail, according to a news release that was issued on April 13. Rangers are currently attempting to identify the individuals in the video.

Anyone who was in the vicinity at the time and could have information is being asked to contact them by calling 888-653-0009 or sending an email to [email protected].

The rangers wrote, “You are not required to reveal your identity to us; however, we would appreciate it if you could share the information that you possess with us.”

KVVU was informed by John Haynes, the public information officer at Lake Mead National Recreation Area, that the destruction, which appeared to be random, “almost feels like someone is attacking me personally.”

You are being asked, “Why on earth would you do something like this? Why would you even do something like this?” The question was posed by Haynes, who referred to the path as one of his favorite areas in the park. In a word, it’s very revolting.

According to the National Park Service, Lake Mead National Recreation Area, which encompasses 1.5 million acres, receives more than 7 million visitors annually because of its huge footprint.

Hoover Dam was responsible for the building of the reservoir, which in 1964 became the first national recreation area in the United States. From Las Vegas, it is approximately a thirty-mile drive to the southeast.

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