Arrest Made Following a Tragic Incident Involving the Death of a Pastor in Miami—the Incident at the Dade Church!

Death of a Pastor in Miami

An individual was apprehended during the weekend following an incident where a pastor in South Florida was fatally stabbed at a church located in Miami-Dade County.

Based on jail records, James Walter Dawkins, a 44-year-old resident of Miami, is currently charged with one count of first-degree murder.

Authorities responded to an incident at Westview Baptist Church on Saturday evening after receiving reports of a stabbing. Miami-Dade police and Miami-Dade Fire Rescue personnel were dispatched to the scene promptly.

Upon arrival, officers found an individual, identified as Antwane Dwayne Lenoir, lying unresponsive on the ground with injuries to the neck. The individual was declared deceased at the location.

Officials have verified that Lenoir, dressed in his complete armed security guard attire and serving as a pastor at the church, reached out to a locksmith to replace multiple door locks on the property prior to the event taking place.

As per the authorities, Dawkins, a musician ordained by Lenoir, was without a permanent residence but was granted permission to stay at the church.

According to the police, the two individuals engaged in a heated argument. Shortly after, Dawkins unexpectedly attacked the victim, stabbing them multiple times. Dawkins then quickly fled the area on foot, as mentioned in his arrest report.

During the autopsy, a Miami-Dade Associate Medical Examiner determined that Lenoir’s death was caused by sharp force injuries and was classified as a homicide, as per the investigators’ findings.

According to authorities, in the afternoon on Sunday, Dawkins was found by Miami-Dade police in Miami and taken to the department’s headquarters for questioning.

Pastor Gaston Smith expressed deep sorrow and disbelief over the incident, describing Lenoir as a close and cherished companion.

I can’t fathom his wife of 20 years. Smith expressed deep sorrow for the four children, who adored their father. This community deeply admired their pastor.

After reading Dawkins his Miranda Rights, detectives noted that he provided a statement regarding his role in the incident. However, it was discovered that the statement given did not match the evidence collected during the investigation.

“There seems to have been a significant shift in the individual’s mindset that led to this event,” remarked Smith. We have lost an influential pastor, a strong leader, an exceptional father, and a dedicated community activist. He was that individual.

As of Monday, Dawkins is currently being detained without bond at the Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center.

The reason behind the stabbing is still unknown at this time.

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