An Uproar on the Plane as People Say a Woman With a Baby on Her Lap Should Be “Ashamed” for Bothering Other People

An Uproar on the Plane as People Say a Woman With a Baby on Her Lap Should Be Ashamed for Bothering Other People

Someone tried to make fun of a woman on an airplane for traveling with an infant and moving seats, so she wrote about it on social media. She wrote about her experience on Reddit’s “AITA” (“Am I the a—hole”) page, saying that she was a 31-year-old woman traveling alone with her 19-month-old son on a three-hour trip.

The mother, whose name was “Aggravating-Worth643,” said her child had to sit on her lap because he or she was under two years old. At first, she was given a random spot (12C) in a row that was already full. Just before takeoff, a flight attendant offered to move them to a row with two empty seats. This is something that is often done to help parents with babies. The mother gladly took up the offer.

The other person in the new row did not like the move, though. This woman was upset because her flight would now be a “nightmare.” She had picked her seat because she thought it would be in an empty row where she could sleep. The flight attendant made it clear that both seats were normal and that it is airline policy to help young parents when they can.

The angry rider told the mother she should feel bad about making noise for other people, especially since she didn’t pay for the extra seat. The mother, who has trouble with conflict, decided to ignore the comments, which stopped after a while.

The mother thought back on the event and said that even though people were rude and gave her “stinky eye” looks, the switch made the flight better for her and her son, who only cried once during the trip.

Concerns about her bag fitting under the seat were also addressed in her post, and it was made clear that her son sat on her lap the whole flight as instructed by the flight attendant. She said that she couldn’t buy an extra seat because she didn’t have enough money, and she also said that in Europe, car seats are checked with bags.

On Reddit, the story got a lot of attention, with more than 6,000 people responding and more than 1,000 comments. Many people agreed with the mother and said she hadn’t done anything wrong. They also said the other passenger had no right to expect the whole row to stay free. One of the top commenters said that the airline had no problem accommodating the mother because that was the policy and that the person who was whining was just being rude.

Some comments, though, said the mom was annoying other people and shouldn’t have bought an extra seat for her child. The debate brings up ongoing problems with how seats are arranged on airplanes and the difficulties parents with young children face when they fly.

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