After Losing Her Home, A Woman In Mississippi Gives A Warning

After Losing Her Home, A Woman In Mississippi Gives A Warning

Olive Branch, Mississippi — A woman in Mississippi is looking for answers because her home is becoming more and more of a legal problem.

As Marcia Naylor dealt with her grief over the sudden death of her husband, she also had to care for herself and her two grandkids by herself.

It got worse for Naylor when her bills kept coming due. A family friend told her about a company that said they could help her.

But that help never showed up.

Nashlor said, “He said he would borrow money against my house to give me wiggle room.” “I did not sign anything.” He asked me to give him a copy of my home’s deed of trust.

The choice she made cost her a lot because she lost her home.

It is said that Naylor had to leave her home after a judge got a quitclaim deed for it.

“He backs up that document and tells me I need to leave my house because I have been squatting there for a long time.”

Naylor is renting a house for herself and her grandkids right now.

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) told WREG the following:

“Quitclaim deeds are supposed to make it easy to legally give someone else ownership of a home, but scammers are using them to steal property from the owner who should have it.” Someone will often call you and offer to help you change your mortgage so that your payments are lower. But first, you need to sign some important papers. If you do that, you might be signing something that gives the con artist the title to your house.

When WREG called the company, they said that Naylor owes them more than $19,000 and has to give them back the property.

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