A Man In Kentucky Admits He Faked Death To Avoid Paying Child Support

A Man In Kentucky Admits He Faked Death To Avoid Paying Child Support

There is a federal court case against a man from Kentucky who faked his own death to escape paying his ex-wife about $116,000 in child support.

39-year-old Jesse Kipf admitted in court papers made late last month and obtained by UPI that he stole the identity of a doctor from another state and used their credentials to get into the Hawaii Death Registry System. Then Kipf made up a “case” for his own death and had the doctor whose qualifications he stole sign it.

In the plea deal, he revealed, “[Kipf] also hacked into the death records systems of other states using credentials he stole from real people.” Kipf also admitted to other crimes that were connected, such as breaking into private business computers and trying to sell that access to other people.

Kipf was caught with nine hard drives, a laptop, several cell phones, and gold and silver coins worth $16,218 that he bought between December 2022 and September 2023.

As part of the deal, Kipf admitted to two of the charges in his federal indictment: criminal identity theft and computer fraud. He could get up to seven years in jail and fines of up to $500,000.

Kipf also needs to pay back his debts. He owes his ex-wife $116,357 in child support, the Hawaii Department of Health $3,500, and two companies, Milestone Inc. and GuestTek Interactive Entertainment, tens of thousands of dollars.

The meeting for his sentencing is set for April 12.

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