A Man From Florida Was Caught On Camera Removing His Shoes And Stomping On His Pit Bull Puppy

A Man From Florida Was Caught On Camera Removing His Shoes And Stomping On His Pit Bull Puppy

After being recorded on tape “violently beating” his pit bull puppy outside of an apartment complex in Florida, a man was taken into custody for the incident.

An animal abuse investigation was called at the Coast Village Apartments in Estero, Florida, on Tuesday evening at about five o’clock, according to a press release issued by the Lee County Sheriff’s Office. The apartment complex is located in the coastal region of Florida.

The person who called the authorities reported that he had witnessed a man, who was later determined to be Beckham McLeod, twenty years old, brutally abusing his puppy, King, who was nine months old.

During the time that the good Samaritan was phoning the police, they started recording the violent owner.

In the footage, McLeod can be seen pulling King, repeatedly stomping on his neck, and then kicking the defenseless dog in the face. King is unable to defend himself.

Even though the recording may have been halted, Sheriff Carmine Marceno expressed his concern about what King had to go through both before and after the incident.

McLeod ultimately consented to voluntarily hand over the puppy to Lee County Domestic Animal Services after being questioned by the officers conducting the investigation.

Based on an accusation of severe animal cruelty, McLeod was taken into custody.

“As for McLeod, I had a red jumpsuit, orange slides, and a cell ready for him at the Marceno Motel,” Sheriff Marceno explained to reporters.

The sheriff referred to the good Samaritan as a “hero” for making the call to the police and assisting King in escaping from an abusive home situation.

“See it, say it, and make the call,” Marceno said. “It is effective. Someone who calls in is a hero. Because of their actions, King was able to escape from an abusive household.

“If you abuse an animal in Lee County, you will go to jail… every time,” he emphasized further.

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