A Family In California Gets Their Dog Back After It Was Found In Michigan

A Family In California Gets Their Dog Back After It Was Found In Michigan

SAN DIEGO, California – A family was overjoyed to find their lost dog more than 2,000 miles away. They share their story of hope and puppy love with people all over the country.

“Mishka’s a girl for mom.” “She goes everywhere with me,” Mishka’s owner Elizabeth Houman said.

So, when Elizabeth and her daughter Lilly were on vacation last summer, they got a call telling them that Mishka was lost. It was clear that Mishka was part of their family.

“She goes outside and doesn’t come back.” Her husband, Mehrad Houman, said, “I couldn’t even find a sign of her.”

They didn’t have these cuddles or Lilly’s dancing partner on her back legs for seven months in the Houman household.

“When she said, ‘I miss Mishka,’ I told her I did too,” Elizabeth said.

They looked all the time.

“Always, never, never. Lizzie said, “I just knew we were going to get her back.”

Mehrad also said, “We kept her bed and everything else.”

Found in the USA

That is, until they got a call from a different number in Michigan.

“Outside of Detroit, Michigan,” Elizabeth said in addition.

They were so happy when they got the phone call.

“Even though she was all scruffy and stuff, like dirt on her face…I was like, ‘That’s my girl,'” she said.

A big puzzle

And Mishka just got back home this week from Michigan.

“We can’t thank the person who found her enough,” Elizabeth said.

It’s still not clear how this little dog with a microchip got to the Midwest.

Lizzie said, “We still want to find out what’s going on.”

Looking for a lost cat

Mishka wasn’t the only pet that got lost and found her way back home. Elizabeth saw this ad for a lost cat a few weeks ago in her neighborhood.

“I followed the cats for the owners for about a half-hour and then connected them,” she said.

Mishka is thinner than she was last summer. This could be good luck for her. So, puppy steps and lots of treats will help her get used to things again after this crazy story. If her tail wagging is any sign, she’ll be fine, though.

“I believe it’s all magic. I believe there are angels watching over us and praying for us.” “I really believe that we were meant to have her back,” Elizabeth said.

Mishka might be on a short leash for a while, but she’s not getting away from all of these hugs.

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